Health Insurance :: UCC president calls for override of Bush’s SCHIP veto

The health care of children should be a bipartisan concern, says the UCC’s general minister and president John Thomas, in calling for an override of a presidential veto that blocked a proposed expansion of a children’s health insurance program.

“Many of us in the UCC were deeply disappointed by President Bush’s veto, but remain hopeful that Congress will right this wrong,” said the Rev. John H. Thomas. “Surely the health of our children should be beyond partisanship.”

Under the proposal, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP, pronounced “s-chip”), which was created in 1997, would be expanded to cover families of four who earn up to $72,000. Right now, the government insurance program only covers a family of four with a total household income of $40,000.

Democrats are hoping that 15 to 20 House Republicans will join them in overriding Bush’s veto of the five-year, $35 billion increase. Currently, SCHIP provides health insurance for 6.6 million children. If expanded, an additional 4 million children would be covered.

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