Health Insurance :: Catholic Charities USA Urges SCHIP Expansion Cover All Eligible Children

Catholic Charities USA, CCUSA issued the following statement on action by the Senate Finance Committee on legislation to expand the State Children?s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a state-federal partnership that covers children from low-income families that do not qualify for Medicaid.

?The legislation approved by the Senate Finance Committee takes a big step forward in providing critically needed health insurance coverage to more children from low-income families. This legislation provides more money for SCHIP and expands eligibility to more children than the Administration?s proposal.

?It is a tragedy that 9 million children are living without health insurance in this country when we know that SCHIP works and is making a real difference in the lives of children from low-income families. The Senate Finance Committee?s bill will help more than 3 million additional children gain access to health insurance.

?That?s a big step, but it?s not enough. We believe that Congress must commit the money to expand the program in order to cover all eligible children. Adequate health care is a basic human right. When our nation denies that right, we neglect the common good and weaken our society.

The White House?s threat to veto this much-needed expansion of SCHIP would deny America’s children essential health care and is the wrong approach to resolve any dispute over this program.

?SCHIP has a proven record of success, and we urge the Congress and the Administration to build on the Finance Committee bill and make sure that all poor children have the health care coverage necessary to grow up healthy and strong.?

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