Health Insurance :: American Medical Association disappointed in President’s veto

The American Medical Association is deeply disappointed in the president’s veto of bipartisan legislation to protect the health of America’s low-income children. The program is vital to protect low-income children whose parents work hard, but aren’t able to afford health insurance.

“For children to get a good start in life, they need access to the medical care that this program makes possible. CHIP is an excellent example of a public-private partnership with a full 77 percent of kids in the program getting their coverage through private health plans.

“The number of uninsured kids has increased by nearly one million over the past year, and action must be taken to reverse this trend. The AMA strongly urges members of Congress from both political parties to stand on the side of America’s parents and children by voting to override the veto. The nation’s children, parents, and physicians are counting on Congress to strengthen this successful program.”

Edward Langston, MD
AMA Board Chair

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