Health Care :: Health care, global warming – important issues for US women

While health care is the most critical issue affecting American business women today, nearly two-thirds of them also believe that global warming and environmental changes will affect them professionally and personally, a survey has found.

The result of a national survey of women business owners was released by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), the nation’s largest bipartisan women’s business group.

“What Business Women Want” is an annual poll conducted by WIPP to gain insight on issues affecting women-owned businesses.

Concern about energy costs ranked as the second most critical issue at 52 per cent. More than half of all businesses (52 per cent) said they have plans to alter business practices to either conserve energy or become more environmentally friendly.

Two-thirds of the respondents believe global warming and environmental changes will affect them or their businesses, and 45 per cent want to see the government use both incentives and regulations to encourage conservation.

While this was the fifth year that health care concerns were ranked number one, in a significant shift from previous surveys, half of those surveyed did not believe that business should be the main provider of health care.

“Women entrepreneurs have a unique perspective on national issues because they have their finger on the pulse of both the business and the family wallets,” said WIPP President Barbara Kasoff.

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