Greater Indo-French cooperation in technology, Pharma & Bio-Technology — India

Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Minister of State for Industry, Government of India, has called for greater Indo-French cooperation in several areas including technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

During his meeting with Mr. Francois Loos, Minister of Industry, Government of France in Paris yesterday, Dr. Kumar reiterated India?s commitment to further strengthen Indo-French bilateral relations. He said that there was great scope for cooperation between India and France, especially in Competitive Clusters in advanced and newer technologies and sought the support of France in these specific sectors. The meeting was in keeping with the regular high-level and Ministerial interactions, which have been taking place between the two countries to strengthen the multi-faceted relations between India and France.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar also mentioned that India attaches great importance to the Strategic Partnership between the two countries. The Minister conveyed India?s appreciation for the support given by France with regard to civilian nuclear cooperation in order to meet India?s growing energy requirements. He also acknowledged the support given by France for facilitating India as a participant Member State of ITER.

The two Ministers also reiterated their commitment to strengthen cooperation in regard to various aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, and highlighted the fact that India has a TRIPS compliant regime. Mr. Francois Loos referred to the effective enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in India and the potential for manufacture of innovative products, especially in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Mr. Francois Loos conveyed that he looked forward to his visit to India to participate in The Partnership Summit 2007 ? Emergent India: New Roles and Responsibilities being held in Bangalore, India from January 17-19, 2007. Dr. Ashwani Kumar also said that the forthcoming visit to India by Mr. Francois Loos to India would provide another forum for exchange of views between India and France on potential areas of bilateral/multilateral cooperation.

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