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Cervical cancer is a very common disease in developing countries including India. It is the third most common kind of cancer.

* Women who smoke are at greater risk of developing cancer of the cervix, estimated to be about 21% of cancers.

* The association between smoking and cervical cancer is dose related. More cigarettes a woman smokes, greater is the risk.

* The carcinogens in cigarette smoke, by some unknown mechanism, are selectively concentrated in the cervical mucus. They’re roughly 10 to 15 fold higher than levels found in blood that’s measured at the same time.

* A poor diet and having multiple sex partners are other risk factors.

* Unusual bleeding and constant abdominal pain are symptoms of cervical cancer.

* A Pap smear will show if there is any problem.

* If the condition is detected early and treated, it can be cured. There are methods like cryotherapy that can help the seriously ill too.

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