Fruit :: International symposium on fruit, vegetables headed for Houston

Fruits and vegetables — tasty and a vital part of daily nutrition. But researchers worldwide continue to seek better ways to use the healthful properties of these foods. Many of these scientists will meet in Houston Oct. 9-13 to share the latest findings.

FAV Health 2007 – Fruits And Vegetables, that is ? will convene at the Omni Hotel Houston, Four Riverway, for the second international symposium on how produce affects human health, according to Dr. Bhimu Patil, director of the Texas A&M University Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center and conference chair.

Patil said sessions will include the use of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risks of obesity, cancer and diseases of the heart, brain and skin. Presenters also will talk about how to maintain the most healthful level of bioactive compounds in the pre- and post-harvest stages of fruit and vegetable production, as well as the interaction of certain medicines with grapefruit and other foods.

A general session will focus on health-based marketing of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, several global food-related organizations will have a round table discussion about future funding challenges to meet world nutrition needs.

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