Foot and Mouth Disease :: Temporary Control Zone lifted ? but relentless vigilance still needed

The Temporary Control Zone around a farm in Surrey will be lifted today following negative results for Foot and Mouth Disease.

Chief Veterinary Officer, Debby Reynolds, said:

?This is day eight of the foot and mouth outbreak. I must stress the need for relentless vigilance. It is crucial that all animal keepers continue to check their animals regularly and practice the highest possible levels of biosecurity.

?There is a substantial operation on the ground to prevent the spread of this disease and we are seeing a tremendous response. I would like to thank all of those involved.?

The national movement ban remains in place. Licences have been granted for the following specific animal movements, which are permitted outside of the Protection and Surveillance Zones under strict licensing conditions:

Where it is necessary for dairy cows to cross a public road to be milked, this is permitted only under strict condition that the road is fully cleaned afterwards.

Movements of animals for emergency veterinary treatment are also allowed under general licence.

Movement of susceptible animals direct to slaughter.

The collection of dead animals from farms, and roadkill.

The movement of carcases, animal products, manure, slurry and used litter from a slaughter house. This excludes carcases and animal products intended for human consumption.

In the specific area of the Protection and Surveillance Zones, to prevent acute welfare problems, there is a general licence permitting the movement of feed and fodder within a farm, and the direct delivery to a farm of feed and fodder from outside the zones. In addition, burial of animals on the farm where they died will be permitted within the Protection and Surveillance Zones.

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