Flu :: Flu vaccination drive to launch

The 2006-07 Influenza Vaccination Programme will start tomorrow, covering 300,000 people considered to be in the eight needy or high-risk groups.

The Department of Health said over 60,000 senior citizens living in 700-plus care homes will receive free flu vaccinations from November 6 to December 1, followed by a mop-up vaccination until early 2007.

The department will visit over 550 elderly homes to provide on-site vaccination to residents and staff. Free vaccines will also be delivered to about 210 homes where vaccination to be conducted by in-house nurses.

The free vaccination aims to help protect the elderly from complications of flu infection before the peak influenza season.

Launched in 1998, the programme had all along been well received, with a coverage rate of 94% in 2005. Click here to see the programme details.

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