Fistula in ano :: Homeopathy and Fistula in ano

“Fistula in ano” – Now the surgeons, nearly all, advocate that if there is a fistulous opening around the anus it must be operated upon.

Homeopathy cures such cases.

I have not operated on one for twenty years.

The remedy that is indicated for the patient will cure the patient, and the fistula.

Above all things, they should not be operated on. To close up that fistulous opening, and thus neglect the patient, is a very dangerous thing to do.

Knowing all that I know, if such a trouble should come upon me and I could not find the remedy to cure it, I would bear with it patiently, knowing I was keeping a much less grievance. Nor could I advise my patient to have a thing done that I would not have done upon myself.

It is a dangerous thing to operate upon a fistula in ano. It is a very serious matter. If it is closed up, and that patient is leaning towards phthisis, he will develop phthisis; if he has a tendency towards Bright’s disease, that will hasten it; if he threatens to break down in any direction, his weakest parts will be affected, and he will break down.

Occasionally time enough elapses so that the physician who is ignorant does not see the relation between the two. But now that you have heard it, you can never forget it.

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