Pregnancy :: Survival of the fittest – pregnancy or abortion

Reproduction is one of the basic characteristics of a living organism. By this mode it not only maintains its own harmony but also helps in propagation of its own kind. In mammals, pregnancy is the hallmark of reproduction and in humans in particular a female takes 9 months to let the fetus grow in her womb so that it becomes viable and can live or can endure the circumstances outside the womb, of course still under parents love and care.

New Drug for treatment of Alcoholism

FDA approved the drug Campral (acamprosate), for treating alcohol dependent individuals seeking to continue to remain alcohol-free after they have stopped drinking. Campral may not be effective in patients who are actively drinking at the start of treatment, or in patients who abuse other substances in addition to alcohol.

Smoking :: Quit smoking homoeopathic way on no tobacco day

In the present days of Drug addiction and Abuse menace, Smoking, though considered to be a sort of minor vice, nevertheless can be the beginning also in the form of an entry to some other major vices leading to other addictions. Smoking, the act of inhaling the fumes from a burning substance, usually tobacco.

Pregnancy :: Abortion, feticide in black & white

The most beautiful part of womanhood, it is said, is the ability to bring forth a new life. But this can prove to be a curse if the new life is unwanted. Unprecedented advances in modern science have, however, empowered a woman to decide whether she wants to give birth or not. Though the word abortion has come out of wraps over the years, it is still being used unscrupulously by many a doctor and patient.

Pregnancy :: Desired sex determination of proposed fetus prior to conception

This article is of more importance to those couples who are willing to have their own male baby. After trying many medicines, herbal products, different foodstuffs, yet they cannot get desired effects, then there is sure & accurate line of homoeopathic treatment to get desired sex of the proposed fetus.

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