New e-mail service to ensure security of communication & data in India

Indian Government is working on a new e-mail service for India. The new system will ensure that government communications and data are secure and not hacked.

Modeled on Gmail and Yahoo, it will have smart features and will be user friendly. According to officials in the Department of Information Technology, e-mail design and templates would be in place by November this year.

The new made in India e-mail service will be first rolled out for the use by Central government officials and later it will be extended to state governments. In the final phase, the service will be made available to all Indians.

The NIC network being used now by the government has insufficient bandwidth. It is difficult to send and receive larger files downloading is also very slow forcing officials to switch to private e-mail accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo even for official work. This makes the data vulnerable to hacking.

The new platform is part of the Narendra Modi government’s Digital India programme, which would be implemented in a phased manner by 2019.

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