Education :: Achieving Excellence in Medical Education

A new book by Richard Gunderman, M.D., Ph.D, associate professor of radiology, pediatrics, and medical education at the Indiana University School of Medicine and of philosophy, liberal arts, and philanthropy at the IU School of Liberal Arts, both on the Indiana University Purdue University and Indianapolis campus, explores the vision of excellence that shapes the education of 70,000 medical students and over 100,000 physicians in training in the United States.

Among the topics examined are the status of education as a priority of medical schools, best practices of medical educators and learners, and the promise and pitfalls of neweducational technologies in medicine.

In the book’s foreword, Thomas Inui, M. D., president and CEO of the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and an associate dean at the IU School of Medicine, describes the volume as a “truly learned treatise on medical education, academic medical center leadership, and organizational development and excellence.” Alfred Tauber, MD, director of the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University, has written that Dr. Gunderman “draws on a rich tradition and provocatively challenges us to enact an ethical medicine that makes teaching and learning integral to clinical practice.”


Education :: Achieving Excellence in Medical Education
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