Wrinkles :: Skin Care – Wrinkles and Cosmetics

Cosmetics, if properly applied, can be surprisingly effective in camouflaging the signs of aging skin, including wrinkles and age spots. Moreover, they offer additional benefits by retarding water loss and providing a physical barrier to UV radiation. However, as women age, less is more.

Skin Care :: Ayurveda and Natural Summer Skin Care

Summer is almost here, and you can?t wait to plunge into the pool or head for the beach. But before you rush out to sample the joys of summertime, make sure you are following a diet and routine that will help keep Pitta dosha in balance.

Diabetes :: Homoeopathic approach in management of Diabetes Mellitus – 1

Diabetes mellitus is a clinical syndrome known since 1500 B.C. Sushruta had also described this condition in 400-500 B.C. It is characterized by hyperglycemia due to relative or absolute deficiency of insulin Lack of Insulin whether absolute or relative affects the metabolism of carbohydrate protein fat water and electrolytes.

Aging, Old age – aspects, diseases and the remedies

Social aspect – Till few decades ago joint family system was in vogue in our country. Most of the younger generation used to adopt and continue the family profession. In the joint family system it was the tradition that the eldest person in the family used to be the head of the family and used to have the governance of the whole family in his control.


It is made from the “Grease” a disease seen in horses. It is a nosode first proved and introduced by Boskowitz of Brooklyn who made the first potencies up to the 30th. It was later proved by Drs. Straube (using 30th potency), Raue, Carleton Smith, Wm. Jefferson, Guernsey, Selfridge, Burnett and Clarke. An extensive proving was carried out by W. P. Wesselhoeft, H.C. Allen, Steere, Holcombe and the students of Hering College in 1900 – 1901. They used 30th, 35th and 200th potencies.

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