Drug to repair smoking harm

Doctors in the US have achieved a breakthrough in developing drugs that repair lung cells damaged by smoking, which causes 99 percent of the most lethal type of lung cancer.


Materia Medica – A Complete Drug Picture of Belladonna – for homeopathic students

Bryonia alba

Materia Medica – A Complete Drug Picture of Bryonia Alba – for homeopathic students

SARS :: Homeopathy and SARS

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), an atypical pneumonia of unknown aetiology, was recognized at the end of February 2003.
The World Health Organization (WHO) is co-ordinating the international investigation with the assistance of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network and is working closely with health authorities in the affected countries to provide epidemiological, clinical and logistical support as required.

Infertility :: Role of Homeopathy in Male Infertility

Failure by a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. Vital statistics has shown 40% of infertility cases having an abnormality of Male Factors…which is important in Spermatogenesis.

Parkinson’s disease :: Drug effects on heart

Researchers at the University of Toronto at Dallas have found that a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease elevates blood levels of an amino acid that could put patients at higher risk of heart disease.

Viability of Homeopathic treatment in case of tuberculosis

In 1991, New York City experienced an outbreak of MDR TB that eventually claimed more than 500 lives. Recently, a MDR TB outbreak in Russia has killed many more. WHO has recommended a new treatment method ‘DOTS’ (Directly Observed Treatment, Short course) after the resurgence of the tuberculosis and increased incidence of drug resistant tuberculosis.

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