Diet :: Lipopan Xtra – new alternative to chemical additives in bread making

Novozymes launches another cost-effective new baking enzyme to replace chemical emulsifiers and reduce costs in bread-making.

Today Novozymes launches Lipopan? Xtra, a new enzyme in the pioneering Lipopan product range. It offers even greater savings in dough strengthening for bread improver manufacturers in straight dough and Chorleywood baking processes by replacing more costly chemical emulsifiers.

Lipopan Xtra is a new member of Novozymes? successful Lipopan product range. In 2001 Novozymes launched Lipopan F, which is one of the greatest innovations in the baking industry in recent years. Lipopan Xtra is most appealing for bread improver formulations for straight dough and Chorleywood processes whereas Lipopan F works very well and offers great savings on emulsifiers in longer-fermentation baking procedures.

?Together, these two enzymes represent the most cost-effective dough-strengthening solution for a broad range of baked products,? says launch manager Anett Lund-Nielsen Colstrup from Novozymes.

Lipopan Xtra offers other benefits for bread improver manufacturers due its high tolerance towards variations in flour quality and stability in aqueous liquid improvers.

Enzymes replace emulsifiers

Lipopan is a natural lipase enzyme which works on and strengthens the natural lipids found in flour, and increases the stability of the dough. However, a far smaller quantity of Lipopan is needed to achieve the same effect as chemical emulsifiers.

World?s leading supplier of enzymes

Novozymes has been selling enzymes to the baking industry for more than 30 years and is the world?s largest supplier to this market. Research into new enzymes is conducted in Denmark, and the development of new enzymes for the baking industry takes place in Denmark and Switzerland where Novozymes has offices.

?Novozymes is focused on supporting bread improver manufacturers by creating innovative, cost-effective enzymes to increase the quality and optimise the cost of baked goods. We are delighted to launch Lipopan Xtra as the latest result of Novozymes? efforts for the baking industry,? says Andrew Fordyce, Novozymes? Cereal Food marketing director.

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