Depression :: Depression is better by positive thinking and exercise

Positive thinking and regular exercise can help deal with depression, revealed by US physicians.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) advises people not to foster negative thoughts like fear of failure, instead, replace them with positive thinking, and get as much exercise as possible – at least 30 minutes four to six times a week.

The physicians also recommend participating in activities that make you feel good about yourself. While you’re depressed, AAFP suggests avoiding making any major life decisions.

When discussing depression as a symptom, a feeling of hopelessness is the most often described sensation. Depression is a common psychiatric disorder in the modern world and a growing cause of concern for health agencies worldwide due to the high social and economic costs involved.

Symptoms of depression, like the disorder itself, vary in degree of severity, and contribute to mild to severe mood disturbances. Mood disturbances may range from a sudden transitory decrease in motivation and concentration to gloomy moods and irritation, or to severe, chronic prostration.

With treatment, more than 80% of people with depression respond favorably to medications, and the feeling of hopelessness subsides. With treatment, most people are able to resume their normal work and social activities.

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