Dental :: National Standards for Dental Services

New standards will ensure that patients get the highest quality of care from dental services in Scotland, were published today.

The National Standards for Dental Services set out what patients can expect from dental services and how to raise any concerns they might have.

They cover a range of issues including staffing, infection control and the environment in which patients are treated.

The 15 standards will also be used to assess the performance of dental services in Scotland.

Deputy Health Minister Lewis Macdonald said:

“When people are using dental services they are entitled to the same quality of care and treatment, regardless of where the service is provided or by whom.

“These standards will ensure that patients are able to make informed choices about the service they use and the treatments they receive. The standards explain what patients can expect and how to raise any concerns.

“The standards also mean that dentists will be aware of what is expected of them when they provide a dental service. They set out clearly what the dental practice should do in areas such as safe recruitment; the management of the service; and ongoing care.

“We are publishing the standards now to ensure that dental services are well aware and well prepared for regulation.”

The standards were jointly developed by the Scottish Executive and NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (QIS).

The standards will apply to NHS and private dental services and to services which carry out both NHS and private work. They will cover care provided in dental hospitals, dental surgeries and local services such as community dentists.

Private dental services will be regulated by the Care Commission, and dental service providers will be expected to be working towards meeting the standards, in anticipation of introduction of that new regulatory regime.

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