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  1. My father is suffering from a neurologic disorder..I wants to speak to Dr. L M Khan..please arrange a call back or reply back..

    Neha Sehgal

    • Neha, I came to know that Dr LM Khan is in preyers for ten days, and cannot be contacted, so in mean time you may please contact his assos. dr mansi 9310322425.

      Dr. Anil Singhal

  2. Dear Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma,

    please contact me as my aunt is suffering from meningitis. She is on a ventilator now. As per alopathic doctors her brain is not working but her other organs are responding. I need very urgent attention pls. Kindly call back on 08106688222

    Andhra Pradesh

  3. Hello, I am interested in Homeopathic Ayahuasca. How to contact Dr. Jawahar Shah in this connection. Plz mail me the details. Regards.

  4. Hello.
    I am arpit jain from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh ) my relative has spots in both eyes retina from birth. She can not study any thing but she can see anything lightly. So please can you tell me is there treatment of this disease. Age of patient is 20 years.

    Thanks & regards
    Arpit jain

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