Condom :: Chandigarh administration installs condom vending machines

Acting swiftly after a survey by a government hospital said majority of girls did not practise safe sex, the administration here installed condom vending machines in different parts of the city in its bid to sensitise the vulnerable population against AIDS.

The recent survey conducted by the Department of Community Medicine of Government Medical College and Hospital pointed that over 70 per cent girls did not practice safe sex. The survey was carried out in 12 colleges covering 981 students.

“We have decided to install condom vending machines in at least 22 areas, including Panjab University, as teenagers have become more sexually active in the city. We have already installed ten machines and the response is tremendous. Sex is no longer is taboo here,” said an official of the State AIDS Control Society here.

The new corporate culture reflected in the number of call centres and BPOs lately striking roots in the twin capital of Punjab and Haryana has also redefined sexual behaviour among the youth, he said.

“Like in any other metro, pre-marital sex is on the rise in Chandigarh as people are getting accustomed to late nights, a phenomenon unheard of in the city five years ago,”he said.

The administration has also decided to set up a “condom bar” in the city. The concept would be the first of its kind in the country. To be set up by the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Corporation at an arts centre, Kalagram, it would display condoms of different colours for sale and spread the message of safe sex among youngsters visiting the bar.

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  1. i love cdarhiganh and chd people all people are very helpful and telented. le corbusier is mind blowing architect . love you cdarhiganh.

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