Child Care :: Out-of-school child care subsidy rate to increase

Families with children aged six to 12, who receive a child care subsidy for out-of-school child care, will see their monthly subsidy amount increase beginning Sept. 1, Minister of State for Child Care Linda Reid announced.

?By increasing the maximum monthly child care subsidy rate, we can directly support parents with the costs of child care,? said Reid. ?This increase will have a positive impact on low and middle income families across the province as we start the new school year.?

For both licensed and unlicensed out-of-school care, the maximum monthly child care subsidy rates will increase as follows:

? For children in out-of-school care for four hours or less per day, the rate increases to $8.50 per day or $170 per month, up from $147.56.

? For children in out-of-school care for more than four hours per day, the rate increases to $10 per day or $200 per month, up from $173.

The increase will enable families of children aged six to 12 to receive a higher subsidy rate at the start of the upcoming school year. An estimated 13,300 children and 10,000 families will be positively affected by this increase. Families currently receiving the subsidy do not have to reapply for this increase to take effect.

?The child care subsidy rate increase, for children age six to 12, is fabulous news for families who access financial support for their child care needs,? said Terra McKenzie, director of child care services at Hamilton Community Centre, where today?s announcement took place. ?We welcome the increase for families in our child care program and for those across the province.?

The Child Care Subsidy Program, administered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, supports approximately 25,000 children each month throughout B.C. The amount of subsidy a family can receive depends on the family?s income and size, the ages of the children and the type of child care provided.

The B.C. government is committed to providing sustainable child care in order that families can choose from a range of affordable, safe, quality child care options.

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