Cancer :: Cancer risk from two glasses of wine

A glass of wine a day is good for your heart but if you go for the second goblet, you may end up getting bowel cancer, revealed by medical experts in a recent british study.

Yes, drinking two large glasses of wine everyday increases the risk of getting bowel cancer by a quarter, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported, quoting a study by Cancer Research-United Kingdom.

“The research shows quite clearly that the more alcohol you drink the greater the risk of your bowel cancer,” Cancer Research-UK’s epidemiologist Prof Tim Key was quoted by the daily as saying.

“The increase in risk is not large but it is important that people understand they can reduce their risk of a number of different cancers — including bowel cancer — by cutting down on alcohol,” he said.

Published in the International Journal of Cancer, the study of almost five lakh people in ten European nations has found that over 1,800 have developed bowel cancer in a period of six years because of excess drinking of alcohol.

In fact, these people drank close to or more than three to four units daily, around two pints of beer or two large glasses of wine.

The researchers have also claimed that even drinking one glass of wine “can increase the risk of getting the disease by nearly ten per cent”.

According to them, drinking within the British government’s health guidelines of two units a day for women — one large glass of wine or a pint of normal strength beer — or three units for men can prove to be dangerous.

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