Bursitis :: Retro Calcaneal Bursitis

M. L. aged 57 years, was suffering from pain and swelling behind his left heel. He consulted about his ailment at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, where it was diagnosed as Retro Calcaneal Bursitis. X-ray examination revealed conspicuous growth of the Calcaneal bone. And he was prescribed some pain killers, after their use the patient had stomach disorder and loose stools. And the trouble remained unchanged.

The patient says that he consulted the Head of the orthopedic department who told him that the surgery is the only alternative to get rid of the disease.

As he is a resident of Dehra Dun and during that period there was a very prominently famous orthopedic surgeon practicing in Dehra Dun. The patient consulted him. He told him that he will inject some medicine in the calcaneum. The effect of it may last for about one and half years after that the injection will be needed again, the effect of which may last for lesser period and he will require the injection in this manner oftener and ultimately after three year surgery will have to be resorted as the injection will become ineffective by then (this statement was related by the patient).

The patient was reluctant to undergo such treatment. So he asked me to give some homeopathic treatment so that he may procure permanent cure.

My records show that I prescribed him Cyclamen 30 in the beginning then in 200th and later in 1M potencies. He was improved a lot within two months.

Yet, some pain persisted, which used to < on walking, Mercurius 1M further improved.

Swelling and pain was almost gone. But during the winter i.e. during the months of November and December he started feeling some pain in the same calcaneum, Now Rhus tox. 30 was prescribed which removed the residual pain completely.

Since then he never felt any recurrence of the pain or swelling to this day even after 18 years.

(The patient has himself reminded me recently to write about his case. Dr. Mamgain)

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