Bronchitis :: Urethritis and bronchitis

I had the pleasure of verifying the truth of one symptom, mentioned by Guernsey, in the case of a lady who had suffered a long time with bronchitis.

Guernsey wrote:
“Cantharis should always be remembered and studied in treating affections of the air passages when the mucus is tenacious.”
(Hydrastis, Kali bichrom., Coccus cacti, etc.)

The mucus was so profuse and tenacious, and ropy, that I thought of Kali bichromicum and thought it must be the remedy; but it did not even ameliorate, and she got worse all the time, until one day she mentioned that she had great cutting and burning on urinating which she must do very frequently.

On the strength of the urinary symptom, for I knew nothing of its curative powers on the respiratory organs at that time, I gave her Cantharis. The effect was magical.

It is needless to describe the mutual delight of both physician and patient in such a case, for it was astonishing the rapidity with which the perfect and permanent cure of the case was accomplished.

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