Breast Lift :: Lollipop breast Lift improves self-esteem in women

Women across America have even more to celebrate in the year 2006 as trend-setting surgeons like renowned Austin Plastic Surgeon, M. Scott Haydon, M.D. make advanced cosmetic procedures like the ‘lollipop’ breast lift more readily available than ever before.

Dr. Scott Haydon is on the forefront of the movement to provide women with this relatively new and increasingly popular technique for breast enhancement, and is one of only a small percentage of surgeons performing full breast lifts and reductions with the cutting edge procedure, which causes less scarring than previous options.

For many women, unsightly sagging of the breasts is a natural yet unappealing consequence of the aging process. As most women age and as many become mothers, the breasts typically begin to lose fat and the tissue starts to thin. In most cases, as the breast tissue shrinks, the nipple also begins to droop.

“A breast lift immediately gives a more youthful appearance to the breast and improves women’s self-esteem. It reminds them of when they were younger and thus they feel rejuvenated,” says Dr. Haydon. “Whether this style of lift is done using a woman’s own breast tissue alone, or in conjunction with an implant, the shape of the breast is better maintained than older techniques and with less scarring. Fortunately this is not a very painful procedure and activities are quickly resumed.”

While breast lift procedures are generally celebrated for their ability to reposition the nipple to a more youthful location and their capacity to create more cleavage, they can leave unpleasant scarring that detracts from the aesthetic value of the surgery. Fortunately, modern technology has provided women with a safe, effective, and affordable way to escape the drooping trap without the scarring of normal breast lifts.

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