Breast Implants :: Mentor MemoryGel Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants

The Mentor MemoryGel? Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implant is a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. The implants are available with textured and smooth surfaces and with various profiles and sizes.

How does it work?
The breast implant is surgically implanted either under breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

When is it used?
Mentor MemoryGel? Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants are indicated for females for the following uses (procedures):

Breast augmentation for women at least 22 years old. Breast augmentation includes primary breast augmentation to increase the breast size, as well as revision surgery to correct or improve the result of a primary breast augmentation surgery.
Breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction includes primary reconstruction to replace breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer or trauma or that has failed to develop properly due to a severe breast abnormality. Breast reconstruction also includes revision surgery to correct or improve the result of a primary breast reconstruction surgery.
What will it accomplish? Refer to the patient labeling for a summary of the clinical data for this product at (for breast augmentation) and at (for breast reconstruction).

When should it not be used?
Breast implant surgery should not be performed in:

Women with active infection anywhere in their body.
Women with existing cancer or pre-cancer of their breast who have not received adequate treatment for those conditions.
Women who are currently pregnant or nursing.

Manufacturer: Mentor Corporation
Address: 201 Mentor Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93111
Approval Date: November 17, 2006

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