Breast Implants :: Breast implants, breast augmentation service accessible to all

Launched today, mybreast program is the first-ever cosmetic surgery provider specialising in breast augmentation, set up by the UK’s leading aesthetic plastic surgeons.

All participating practitioners are UK-trained, fully accredited members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), ensuring the highest possible clinical care as well as a competitive, transparent pricing structure accessible to all.

Breast augmentation surgery was the most popular procedure in 2005 according to BAAPS research. Women undertake breast augmentation for a wide range of reasons, such as adding volume to smaller breasts, re-creating curves lost through breastfeeding, increase in breast size and improving the shape of unattractive breasts.

mybreast aims to provide the best surgeons, the best implants and the best possible pre-operative, clinical and post-operative advice and care, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of patients. mybreast differs from other clinics and surgical providers in many ways:

ALL mybreast surgeons are UK-trained consultant plastic surgeons
ALL are Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons, hold the Certificate of Training in Specialist Training in Plastic Surgery (CCST) and are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS,
At mybreast patients are under the care of ONE surgeon, who they see from pre-operative consultation to surgery and post-operative check-ups. At no point is a patient screened by an advisor or salesperson (standard practice among well-known commercial clinics)
mybreast ONLY uses the highest-quality implants from the world’s premier implant manufacturer, McGhan. These implants can be placed through small incisions and give extremely natural results and come with a lifetime guarantee
Only mybreast provides a comprehensive home care pack including pre- and post-surgery tips and instructions, homeopathic and scar therapies, arnica healing cream, a support bra, a mybreast diary and even a lingerie gift
A lifetime follow-up policy is included
MyBreast was created by a group of the UK’s most respected plastic surgeons. Founding Directors include Peter Butler, Martin Kelly, Patrick Mallucci, Norman Waterhouse and Simon Withey. These surgeons have formed MyBreast to provide patients with a safe and reliable alternative to breast augmentation that is often carried out abroad or by low-cost providers.

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