Botulism :: FDA to ensure removal of certain canned Castleberry products due to botulism risk

The US Food and Drug Administration FDA, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and numerous state agencies, has visited thousands of retail establishments this week to ensure that canned food and pet food products manufactured and distributed by Castleberry’s Food Company that could contain botulism are removed from store shelves and ensure proper disposal of the product.

Although the products have been recalled by Castleberry, FDA investigators found potentially contaminated product still being sold in 307 out of the 3,788 stores they visited.

In most cases the products were found in smaller stores, independent grocers, and convenience stores. FDA’s food safety partners at FSIS and state agencies also have visited thousands of retail stores. When found, the recalled products were removed and secured. If consumers see one of the products on the recall list in their local store they should bring it to the store manager’s attention.

Given the potentially fatal effects of botulism poisoning and the fact that over 90 products and 27 brands of food are potentially contaminated, consumers need to carefully check their pantries and cupboards and dispose of any recalled product immediately. These canned chili products, stew, hash, BBQ, gravy, and pet food all could cause life-threatening illness.

The FDA, USDA and state agencies will continue to visit stores, inform consumers of the significant health risk, and work with the recalling firm to support the most effective recall possible.

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