Botox :: Surgeons say never-never to buying catalogue botox

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the not-for-profit organisation established for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit, cautioned the public against buying non-surgical treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers, from well-known clothing catalogue Grattan.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Douglas McGeorge;

?I?m surprised that any cosmetic surgery company claiming to provide quality of care would choose to market through a clothing catalogue. It is essential the public understand that aesthetic procedures, even if they are non-surgical, are not commodities to buy off-the-shelf and cannot later be exchanged for a different style or size. Side effects from injectables may be rare but they do happen, and the latest warnings from manufacturers serve to highlight the need for proper consultation and thorough informed consent by the patient.?

Douglas McGeorge is referring to a recent statement from Allergan, the makers of Botox, which reiterates the toxin should only be administered by physicians and warns of adverse events in patients with certain disorders.

Nigel Mercer, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President-Elect, adds;

?By its own nature, the choice of a catalogue defines these treatments as easy to purchase, even frivolous, undermining the seriousness of what is still a medical procedure, even if it?s non-surgical.?

According to Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and former President of the BAAPS;

?Aesthetic procedures seem to have been reduced to the status of socks and pants selection.?

Purchasing the autumn/winter catalogue also offers buyers the chance to win the chance to have a cosmetic makeover on ?10 Years Younger?, generally involving treatments such as lip enhancement, teeth whitening and even laser eye surgery.

According to Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and former President of the BAAPS;

?The offer of a cosmetic procedure as a prize is an awful manifestation of the trivialisation of medical care in general, and any patient making irreversible decisions in circumstances of hype, excitement and emotion, are putting themselves at very great risk.?

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