Bird Flu :: Culling operations continue in Manipur, India

30 teams have been deployed for culling operations in 0-5 kms zone in the bird flu affected area of Manipur, India. As on 31st_July 2007, 2.35 lakh birds have been culled including 50,000 birds culled on 31st July.

So far, 22,938 eggs have been destroyed (including 934 eggs destroyed on 31st July) and 18,900 kg feed destroyed (including 5,180 kg destroyed on 31st July).

Surveillance continued in 5-10 Kms zone. In addition, door to-door intensive surveillance in a radius of 5-10 Kms was in progress. There are 79 villages (41 in East Imphal and 38 in West Imphal) in the 5-10 Kms zone. Seven teams of veterinarians and other support staff were deployed for the surveillance work.

There is no report of any abnormal mortality or sickness in Manipur or the country.

Cleaning and dis-infection is also under progress in the 0-5 Kms zone.

Upto 31st July Rs. 60 lakh have been paid as compensation, out of which Rs. 29.26 lakh in East Imphal district and Rs. 30.79 lak h in the West Imphal district.

There is a good response from the public and NGOs since 29.7.2007 and the containment and control operations of avian influenza were accelerated due to this support.

There are no reports of inter-district smuggling of poultry birds. The Rapid Response Teams and the district police of adjoining districts are tasked to control the same.

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