Back Pain :: Lumbago and Rhus toxicodendron

Mr. R.P. aged 36 years had taken every sort of medicine for his lumbago but found no relief. He had been advised to sleep on hard bed but this also did not help him.

In the last he decided to consult me. On listening to him I tried my best to get some modality or some other point to prescribe but I did not get any clue.

He passed regular motion, his appetite was normal, he had normal sleep, he was so full of vigour that he said “Sir, I have no disease except this pain.” Those were winter days, very chilly.

I asked him whether he took bath daily. He said that he took daily bath with cold water for the last 11 years (roughly the duration of his lumbago).

I thought this might be the cause and prescribed Rhus Tox 1000 1 dose and Sac Lac for 4 days.

On the 5th day, the patient asked me “Sir, I have got 90% relief.”

I continued Sac Lac.

A month later another dose of Rhus Tox 1M was repeated and the patient became free from pain.

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