Avian Flu :: Avian flu disease control measures updates

Defra has announced changes to its disease control measures following the publishing of the interim epidemiological report into the outbreak of avian influenza in Suffolk.

Three zones declared around the infected premises to reduce the spread of disease are to remain in place. These are the Protection Zone (3km), the Surveillance Zone (10km) and a wider Restricted Zone, encompassing wider areas of Suffolk and Norfolk.

The following alterations have now been made:

As of this morning (16 February), the ban on bird gatherings in the non-restricted parts of England has been lifted and gatherings are permitted again under general licence. The ban will remain in place within the entirety of the Restricted Zone, as per the legal requirements;
The temporary shooting ban, that was imposed in the 3km Protection Zone and 10km Surveillance Zone, has also been lifted today (16 February);
The requirement to house domestic birds in the three zones (PZ, SZ & RZ) will remain in place until Protection Zone restrictions are lifted;
Bernard Matthews will end its voluntary suspension of movements of poultry products between its UK and Hungary operations from midnight, 16 February.
In addition to these measures, Defra has initiated a forward programme of trilateral discussions involving Hungarian, UK and EU officials. These discussions, which began last night (15 February), will focus on all issues relating to the recent cases of avian influenza in both Suffolk and Hungary.

?We will continue to work closely with Hungarian officials and the European Commission. We will share information and discuss our on-going investigation into the Suffolk incident, including today’s reports,? said deputy chief veterinary officer Fred Landeg.

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