Asthma :: Homeopathy and Asthma

I can confidently say homeopathy helps asthma. Even when used alongside conventional medicine, homeopathy strengthens the immune system, allowing the person to slowly reduce medication. Please note that medication should only be reduced under the approval of a doctor, and it is dangerous to stop steroid medication suddenly as this can adversely affect the adrenal glands.

I will use a case history to show how homeopathy helped Ms. X, a woman in her late thirties, who was on a very long list of asthma drugs. Often people with asthma, hay fever, allergies and eczema come from an atopic family, meaning several members of the family will suffer the same complaints. In Ms. X?s family, her mother had asthma and hay fever; as did her grandmother, and her sister plus her children all had eczema.

Ms. X had her first asthma attack at 13. At age 8 she had steroid injections for her hay fever in addition to having eczema. Her asthma was worse in the hay fever season, from February until October, which is quite the lengthy season! I told her at the beginning of treatment it was not going to be a quick fix, as we needed to build up her immune system again, plus get through a lifetime of medicinal suppression. Ms. X was determined to reduce the drugs.

After almost a year of treatment, we have made dramatic improvement to her health. She is still taking the asthma medication, but I would like to do a comparison to show how far she has come in ten months. She used to use Opitcran three to four times a week and has only needed it once this year. She used to take Bricanyl every day, now down to twice a week. She used to take two puffs of Becotide twice a day, now down to once a day. She now takes her Xyzal twice a week unless the pollen counts are high and she is completely off the Beconase. It is a rough rule in homeopathy that for every year a person has had a complaint; a month of homeopathic treatment will be needed. There is still a chance we can further reduce her medications, given enough time and patience.

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