Asthma :: Asthma UK issues summer advice for asthma sufferers

The charity Asthma UK has issued advice for asthma sufferers following forecasts that summer 2007 is likely to be one of the hottest on record.

“Asthma symptoms can worsen in summer due to higher levels of pollen and pollution,” explained Karen Newell, a nurse on the Asthma UK Adviceline.

The charity is advising all asthma sufferers to take precautions now, such as ensuring that their inhalers are up to date and making a personal asthma plan.

Asthma UK also advises that asthma patients carry their reliever inhalers with them at all times in case they come into contact with an asthma trigger.

It is also recommended that people with the respiratory disorder, especially those who live in large cities and towns, avoid going outdoors in the middle of the afternoon when pollution levels are particularly high.

“Pollution levels tend to be higher in the summer and 66% of people with asthma tell us that traffic pollution triggers their condition,” said Ms Newell. “It may also be helpful to keep a regular check on air quality levels in the local area, so that it is possible to make changes to plans for the following day if pollution levels will be high.”

Asthma UK has launched a free online tailored service for anyone whose asthma is triggered by various seasonal effects. Called Asthma Trigger Tips, the service enables asthma sufferers to enter their personal details to receive bespoke advice on how to effectively manage their asthma.

Ms Newell added: “For many people with asthma, the change in seasons can bring with it a whole host of problems and multiple asthma triggers. This online service offers advice as well as directing the web user to a range of helpful fact sheets on the management of asthma.”

Further information can be found on Asthma UK’s website at

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