Arthritis :: Antioxidants – Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Flavonoids

Inflammation – the body’s natural response to danger or damage – must always be carefully regulated to prevent over activation of the immune system and unwanted immune response. Many types of cells involved with the immune system – have been shown to alter their behavior in the presence of flavonoids. Prevention of excessive inflammation appear to be a key role played by many different chemical categories of flavonoids.

It is instrumental in keeping collagen, ligaments and tendons strong.

Vitamin C also can block the effect of inflammatory substances. As vitamin C inhibits the breakdown of cartilage, it may be of help to those suffering from arthritis whose cartilage is often adversely affected.

Although, avoid supplemental doses of Vitamin C since a recent study out of Duke University Medical Center showed high doses of Vitamin C worsened osteoarthritis in the knee.

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