Arthritis :: A case of severe pain in hip joint

Mrs. A. R., Age: 46 years., visited on 28-05-2005. The patient was suffering from severe pain in her right hip joint since 6th April, 2005. The patient was admitted in a well equipped hospital on 12 – 4 – 2005, where she was treated till 6 – 5 – 2005. In the hospital she was found to be suffering from various complications/diseases such as jaundice, bilateral pleural effusion, high count of leucocytes, hepatomegaly and cholelithiasis etc. She was treated accordingly for these complaints/diseases. Her blood samples were tested daily there are 42 blood reports in a span of 25 days, Ultrasound scanning and echocardiography with color Doppler study were also done. Lot of medication was done and was discharged from the hospital with not a feather of relief in her pain of right hip joint for which she was admitted. When seen on 28 – 5 – 2005 her condition was as described hereunder:

The present symptoms of the patient were as follows:
? Continuous dull, aching pain in right hip joint, extending to front of the thigh and the knee.
? Pain used to agg. from slightest motion of the limb or of the body.
? The patient was completely bed ridden. She was unable to move as slightest movement used to cause unbearable shooting pain in the right hip and thigh.
? Apart from the above she was feeling stitching pain in whole right lower limb.
? She was also feeling pain in her left shoulder for some time.
? A soft painless lump has formed on right trapezius muscle.
? For the past 13 years dark mottled itching spots are forming on the skin.
? Much restlessness.
? Sleepless, if gets sleep wakes up immediately because the pain in the right lower limb used to agg.
? Loss of appetite.
? Tastelessness.
? Falling of hair from the scalp.
? Temperament irritable. Emotional. Weeping disposition.

X ray revealed:
? Total destruction of right femoral head with bony ankylosis.

Past history:
? At the age of five years she had dislocated her right hip joint while taking some exercise.
? Then it was found that she has bone T. B. in right thigh and she was treated for the same

℞ Bacillinum 1M one dose.
Angustura vera 30 once daily.

She promptly started responding to the homoeopathic treatment. And her condition took a gradual positive turn. Another dose of Bacillinum 1M was given on 20 ? 6 ? 2005.

On 10 ? 7 ? 2005 it was reported that the pain in the hip joint has reduced to a great extent and she started sitting up in her bed.
℞ Angustura vera 30 continued, once daily.

When seen on 26 ? 7 ? 2005 she was quite cheerful and was sitting comfortably in her bed. This day her video and narration of her trouble was recorded (documentary video of this case in under preparation). By now she had even become able to walk a few steps on her own.
℞ Angustura vera 30 continued, once daily.

A dose of Bacillinum 1M was again given on 3 ? 9 ? 2005. Report received on 16 ? 9 ? 2005 that now she could walk and is doing her kitchen work. She is actually employed in a bank and by the end of September 2005 she resumed her duty again.

On the basis of her old tubercular history of childhood, Bacillinum was administered and it paved the path for Angostura vera.

It will not be out of the way to note that I had found Angustura vera very efficacious in a long standing and recurring case of Multiple Myeloma, where there was pathological fracture in left femur head. The case was almost hopeless but the fracture was healed mainly by Angostura vera. This case is available on my documentary Video CD. This case was treated in 1990.

A few words about how homoeopathy works:

In homoeopathic healthy provings, the proving of any drug is carried out only up to the extent where internal nature of the drug is elicited and not to the extent where clinical pathology appears. In other words the healthy provings are done to elicit the dynamic nature of the drug. In case if the provings were carried out to the extent where clinical symptoms become apparent the life of the prover may get into ultimate danger.
In Aphor. 3 Hahnemann says,??? if he (physician) clearly perceives what is curative in medicines, that is to say, in each individual medicine (knowledge of medicinal powers)???? and this is the purpose of the healthy provings.
If we peer deep in to the question ?how a homoeopathic physician is supposed to endeavour to restore the sick to health that is to CURE a patient??
As a rule the man may be living at one time in any one of the three different states of health namely:
1. The state of health of an individual during good/healthy condition.
2. The state of health of an individual under the influence of some drug.
3. The state of health of an individual under the influence of some disease.
The indwelling automatic energy which keeps one alive, ?the vital force? or ?the dynamis? or ?the autocracy? as called by Hahnemann, is itself responsible for the health of an individual in any of the above three states of health.
Disease ?
The disease is actually the deviated processes of the vital force indicating itself through the senses of the person to the observer in the form of various abnormal signs and symptoms.
The duty of the homoeopathic physician is to stimulate this indwelling automatic energy ?the vital force? through a medicinal substance in dynamic doses, capable of producing similar group of abnormal signs and symptoms during its healthy proving. So that it should regain its normal state and it should again resume its normal/natural processes of life.

A few symptoms of Angustra vera in the sphere of its action on muscles, bones, nervs and sensations by Hahnemann and C. Hering:
Materia Medica Pura, (HAHNEMANN S.) ? Angustura vera
– The hip-joint superiorly pains as if dislocated, and is almost useless for walking.
– On the sciatic nerve, on the back of the thigh downwards, a boring paralytic pain.
– Fine tearing in the thighs, more as if in the bones, worse when at rest than when moving.
– In the lower extremities feeling of stiffness, almost as if contact with a sickly person had bereft him of strength.
Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica, (HERING C.) – Angustura vera
Lower Limbs
– Hip joint as if exarticulated, can hardly walk.
– Frequently in hip a cramplike pain when moving, as if stiff or dislocated.
– Constriction in right hip.
– In both hip joints, deep in tendons, a pressing drawing pain when rising from seat.
– Boring laming pain along ischiatic nerve on posterior part of thigh.
– || Exceedingly painful stitches in thigh and crest of ilium, only when sitting.
– Great loss of power, as if marrow in bones was stiff.
– ?? Very much fatigued, most in thighs.
– Weakness of whole body, as if marrow of bones was stiff; vertigo, as if he was turned backward and around; as if about to faint.
– Spinal marrow and extensor muscles are principally affected.
– Constricting sensation in varices.
– Cracking in all joints.
– ?? Caries, ulcers very painful; penetrate to marrow.
– ?? Caries and very painful ulcers, which affect bones and pierce them to marrow.
– ?? Caries of tubular bones, particularly if patient has longing for coffee and has a very touchy, sensitive mind.
– ? Caries, with crumbling off of pieces of bone.
– ? Rheumatic and paralytic complaints.

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