Armed Forces Steps Up Rescue and Relief Operations

The Armed Forces today stepped up the rescue and relief operations in the worst affected areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The present status of aid at 1700 Hrs on 20 June 2013 is as follows:


· The Army has deployed 8100 troops which includes medical teams, engineer task force and Signal Detachment.

· 02 JCBs, 19 Boats and 09 Helicopters have been already pressed into service.

· Approximately 10,500 persons have been rescued so far by Road and Army Helicopters.

· One Ropeway at Govindghat, one foot bridge at Village Dharali, Harsil and Improvised crossing being constructed at damaged bridge location at Govindghat.

· Ten Specialised Mountaineering Teams for Kedarnath-Soumang area have been deployed.

· Appropriate orders for use of Army Helipads by civil helicopters have been issued on 19.06.2013.

· The Army has established Relief Camps at Harsil, Joshimath, Rudraprayag and Gauchar Advanced Landing Ground (ALG).

· Medical Camps have been established at Harsil, Rudraprayag, Joshimath, Govindghat, Gothi, Dharchula and Gwaldam.

· Fifty Helicopters Sorties have been carried out so far.

· One Helipad constructed at Lambaghat civil school at Govindghat.


· 102 sorties were undertaken and 1289 passengers were evacuated

· 20000 kgs load was dropped.

· Four ALH and two MI-17 IV operating in Gaurikund area.

· 17 Mi-17-IV/V5 and 11 ALH are operating in Jolly Grant, Shimla, Pithoragarh and Sarsawa

· One MI-17 IV is heli-lifting ATF barrels from Jolly Grant to Gauchar helipad.

· Fuel positioned at Shimla and Rampur

· ALH ex Pithoragarh has operated one sortie ex Bhageshwar and two sorties ex Pithoragarh.

· 111 Helicopter Unit (HU) rescued 20 villagers in the foothills with their winch equipped ALH.

· One Cheetah from Hindan is tasked for undertaking a recce to check the feasibility of C-130 landing at Gauchar and Dharasu ALGs.

· Indian Air Force has requested State Government Authorities to give priority to old and sick people in airlifting to safe areas.

An update on opening of damaged/breached roads by the BRO in the affected areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are as follows:

· The National Highway- 94 from Rishikesh to Dharasu has open for light vehicles.

· National Highway-108 from Dharasu to Gangotri (upto 30 Kms) opened for light vehicles.

· Road connectivity between Rishikesh- Joshimath –Mana opened for traffic for light vehicles. Road from Tanakpur-Pithoragarh–Jauljibi–Tawaghat-Ghatiabgarh partially opened. The road from Tanakpur to Pithoragarh is open. On road Pithoragarh-Tawaghat, the road up to Km 80 is open. Major damages have occurred to road beyond Tawaghat. Two major bridges have been washed away. A major programme of restoration has been taken up.

· Road between Wangtu – Pooh-Kaurik in Himachal Pradesh: Formation breaches had occurred at approx 11 locations. In addition a number of small landslides had occurred. Three dozers, six excavators, two JCB and approx 300 mazdoors were pressed into service to restore connectivity. However, seeing the enormity of damages, many more days are required to restore connectivity.

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