Acid Reflux Drugs cause Vitamin B 12 deficiency

Stomach acid suppressing medications are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in many countries like US. But research shows taking them for an extended period of time may put you at risk for a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 deficiency if left untreated can lead to anemia and other health complications, even neurologic damage and dementia.

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente used electronic medical records from more than 200,000 of their patients.

Those who were dispensed a two or more year supply of proton pump inhibitors had a 65-percent increased risk of B12 deficiency. Those taking a pill and a half a day were especially at risk.

Risk was up 25-percent for those dispensed a two or more year supply of histamine 2 receptor antagonists. The researchers urge those who need to take these drugs to continue to do so… but encourage doctors to prescribe the lowest possible dose and be aware of this potential B12 issue.

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