Abscess :: Muscular abscess – Silicea

An officer of the Army Headquarters consulted me for intra-muscular abscess in the right arm for which he was referred to the Surgical Specialist.

The right arm showed a swelling of stony hardness, it felt heavy but there was little pain.

The officer was told by the Surgical Specialist that the abscess has got to the opened.

I prescribed Silicea 1000 2 doses and advised the patient to come the next day as I wanted to observe the change and ensure that there is no aggravation.

Next day the patient reported, he felt some lightness in the right arm.

I administered Sac Lac for 2 days.

When the patient came back he confirmed the earlier improvement but there was no further improvement.

I prescribed Silicea 2 doses daily and asked the patient to come daily to me.

After the administration of 2 doses daily I noted increasing improvement every day and in about 10 days there was no swelling left, the muscles of the arm became soft and there remained no sign of disease.

I stopped Silicea and kept the patient on Sac Lac for another week.

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