Health Care :: Smoking, drug abuse, obesity top public’s health concerns for kids

It?s only natural to for adults to worry about children?s health and well-being at school, on the roads and even online. But adults? No. 1 health concern for children and adolescents in the United States? It?s smoking, according to new results from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children?s Hospital National Poll on Children?s Health. Drug abuse ranked No. 2.

Skin :: Top 10 tips to protect skin in summer

As temperatures rise and more time is spent outside, Dr. Karl Gruber, a noted pathologist and founder of LUCA Sunscreen, reminds us of the dangers of sun exposure and how to protect ourselves and our children from the risks of skin cancer.

Obesity :: Preventing obesity in children, high physical activity levels needed

A British study, involving 5,500 children and published in the latest issue of PLoS Medicine, used accurate methods to measure the “fat mass” of the children and the amount of physical activity they were taking. The researchers, based at the University of Bristol, concluded that low levels of activity, particularly moderate and vigorous activity, play an important role in the development of obesity.

Asthma :: Results of Asthma Clinical Research Centers Study Examined Poorly Controlled Asthma

A nationwide, multi-center clinical trial of the American Lung Association?s Asthma Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) has found that neither low-dose theophylline nor montelukast improve asthma control in people who were using just a short acting inhaled bronchodilator, but that low-dose theophylline is beneficial in those patients who had not been prescribed inhaled corticosteroids.

Thyroid :: Spreading the message of thyroid health

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) is proud to announce that January is Thyroid Awareness Month. This year?s theme, ?How?s Your Thyroid? Who Needs to Know?? is geared toward the fourteen million people living with an undiagnosed thyroid condition by educating them about thyroid disorders, while also helping people already diagnosed to successfully manage their condition. Once again, the American Thyroid Association (ATA) is working in cooperation with AACE to spread the message of thyroid health.

Rich :: Rich retirees are the main losers from inflation

How would distribution of wealth change if the United States were to enter a period of inflation? A study by researchers from UCLA and NYU finds that even mild inflation can lead to substantial redistribution of nominal assets from lenders to borrowers, specifically, the transfer of wealth from older, wealthier households to younger, middle-class households.

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