Asthma :: Childhood Asthma – Homoeopathic Cure

In today’s time many children even infants are suffering from Childhood Asthma, and are put on Inhalers & Nebulizers . It is increasing at alarming rate whereas a proper care with appropriate Homoeopathic Treatment can Cure many youngsters and enable them breath normally without the aid of Puffs, Pumps and Nebulizers. Specially in Diwali days it aggravates because of Smoke and Air Pollution caused by Fire Crackers.

Homeopathy :: The Ground Reality – Experiences in a Rural Area

The Fundamental Principles of Homoeopathy are well known to all Homoeopathic Physicians. But, as they say, it becomes a difficult task to stick to them when you are posted in a rural backdrop or when posted in a dispensary and lots of patients have to be seen- and you can’t devote more than 3-4 minutes on every patient. So, many people told me, but when I also got posted in this rural dispensary some of my friends said let us see how you can follow the path of mono and mini medicines.

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