SIDS :: Understanding human breathing disorders

CMU researcher Jon Kelty is interested in learning about the electrical connections in the brain that control a gasp and other breathing patterns in hopes of better understanding a host of human breathing disorders, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Heart Disease :: Heart disease risk more in US firefighters

Firefighters engage in a dangerous occupation, risking life-threatening burns and smoke inhalation, among other hazards. So it may surprise some that the leading cause of death on duty among U.S. firefighters is coronary heart disease (CHD).

Tuberculosis :: Harvard team creates spray drying technique for TB vaccine

Bioengineers and public health researchers have developed a novel spray drying method for preserving and delivering the most common tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. The low-cost and scaleable technique offers several potential advantages over conventional freezing procedures, such as greater stability at room temperature and use in needle-free delivery.