Bone :: Paracetamol, one of most used analgesics, could slow down bone growth

In Medicine, paracetamol is used to soothe every kind of pain, from simple molar pain to pain produced by bone fractures. This medicine is one of the most used nowadays. However, research carried out at the Departamento de Enfermeria of the University of Granada showed that taking paracetamol slows down bone growth, as has been proved by ?in vitro? studies.

Stent :: Nanowire coating for bone implants, stents

University of Arkansas researchers have found a simple, inexpensive way to create a nanowire coating on the surface of biocompatible titanium that can be used to create more effective surfaces for hip replacement, dental reconstruction and vascular stenting.

Back Pain :: Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation

People with chronic, intractable back pain know exactly what they need ? relief directly where it hurts. Peripheral nerve field stimulation (PNFS), the newest weapon against back pain for people who are finding no relief from conventional treatment, does just that, says Dr. Eugene Lipov, who is Director of Research, Alexian Brothers Hospital Network Pain Program.

Hearing Loss :: Chinese children with hearing devices benefit from new speech test

More than 4,000 children in China who have received cochlear implants and other devices will soon benefit from a speech perception test offered in Mandarin. The Mandarin Early Speech Perception (MESP) test was developed in collaboration between Sigfrid D. Soli, Ph.D., of the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles and Yun Zheng, MD, of the West China Hospital of Sichuan University in Chengdu, and exclusively licensed to Cochlear Limited for use in evaluation of pediatric cochlear implant recipients in China.

Breast Implants :: Breast implants linked to higher long-term suicide risk

The long-term risk of suicide is tripled for women who have undergone cosmetic breast implant surgery, concludes a study in the August Annals of Plastic Surgery, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health. This long-term study further confirms the link between breast implants and a strikingly high risk of suicide and other related causes of death.

Breast Implants :: Breast implants linked to higher suicide rate

Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide, according to a study published in the August issue of Annals of Plastic Surgery. This research confirms previously seen links between breast implants and a strikingly high risk of suicide, as well as deaths from alcohol or drug dependence.

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