Heart Disease :: 40000 Nepalese suffering from heart diseases, Nepal

Over 40000 people of Nepal are suffering from heart diseases, according to a latest report published by the Nepal Heart Foundation (NHF). Heart diseases account for 25 per cent of the total deaths in the country, the report said.

Diet :: Back to school with 5 a day

The number of children achieving their 5 A DAY target has increased by 13% in 2 years according to a report out by the UK Department of Health. The Further Evaluation of The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, launched in the week when millions of children are about to begin a new school year, shows that the scheme is working and could contribute to a reduction of heart disease, stroke and cancer later in life.

Healthy :: Healthy Foods Absent from City Convenience Stores

A survey of convenience stores in the south west section of Rochester has revealed that 95% offer little or no healthy foods. As these stores often serve as an expedient source of food for families in the area, these results have consequences for the health of city residents and point to one of the underlying causes in the growing rate of obesity in adults and children in inner city Rochester.

Pregnancy :: Eating junk food whilst pregnant & breastfeeding leads to obese offspring

Mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be putting their children at risk of overeating and developing obesity, according to a study funded by the Wellcome Trust and carried out at the Royal Veterinary College, London.

Breast Cancer :: Fruit, vegetables does not reduce breast cancer recurrence

Women with early stage breast cancer who adopted a diet very high in vegetables, fruit and fiber and low in fat did not have a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence compared to women who followed a diet of five or more servings a day of fruit and vegetables (the ?5-A-Day? diet), according to a study in the July 18 issue of JAMA.

Weight Loss :: A spoonful of sugar helps your waistline go down

A new study challenges conventional thinking that a high carbohydrate, low fat slimming plan should contain little or no added sugar. A team of scientists at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh has found that a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet — containing sucrose — combined with physical activity achieved the greatest health benefits in overweight subjects.