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Prostate Cancer :: Grape skin extract inhibits prostate cancer cell growth

Laboratory experiments show that an extract of the skin of muscadine grapes can inhibit growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. Investigators from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, and their research partners also show that muscadine grape skin extract (MSKE) does not contain significant amounts of resveratrol, another grape skin component that has been widely studied and shown to be of potential benefit in preventing prostate cancer growth.

Prostate Cancer :: More prostate cancer screening has little effect on detection of aggressive cancer

More prostate cancers were detected among men who were screened every two years than men screened every four years, according to a study published online Aug. 28 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. But the shorter time between screenings did not reduce the number of aggressive cancers found between the scheduled screening tests.