Kaposi’s Sarcoma :: AIDS and Kaposi’s sarcoma

In AIDS patients, Kaposi’s sarcoma is considered an opportunistic infection, i.e., a disease that is able to gain a foothold in the body because the immune system has been weakened. With the rise of AIDS in Africa, where KSHV is widespread, Kaposi’s sarcoma has become the most frequently reported cancer in some countries, such as Zimbabwe.

Wrinkles :: Skin Care – Wrinkles and Moisturizers

Moisturizers help prevent dryness, bruising, and tearing but have no effect on wrinkles by themselves. They should be applied while the skin is still damp. These products retain skin moisture in various ways:

HIV :: HIV/AIDS Lipoatrophy – Facial Wasting

Individuals living with HIV and AIDS may not only have to deal with the threat of illness but the toll of illness. All that is required to stay healthy and alive can leave an everlasting mark! I’m referring to the loss of subcutaneous fat from the face, commonly referred to as facial wasting or Lipoatrophy.

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