Malaria :: The insect vector always bites twice

The reality of the threat from vector-borne diseases has been recognized and the problem is prompting research scientists to take a strong interest. Most of these infections, classified as emerging or re-emerging diseases, are linked to ecosystem changes, climatic variations or pressure from human activities.

Diagnosis :: Rapid test for killer viruses available

A rapid diagnostic test capable of detecting and identifying viruses such as Dengue, Yellow Fever and Japanese encephalitis (JEV) has been developed that has significantly reduced the time and discomfort involved with diagnosing an infection.

Genome :: Genome of yellow fever/dengue fever mosquito sequenced

Developing new strategies to prevent and control yellow fever and dengue fever has become more possible with the completion of the first draft of the genome sequence of Aedes aegypti mosquito by scientists led by Vishvanath Nene at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and David Severson at the University of Notre Dame.

Dengue :: Woman ill with Dengue fever

The Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection has confirmed an imported Dengue fever case involving a 76-year-old woman living in Tsing Yi, bringing this year’s total number of Dengue fever cases to eight, all imported.

Summer :: Experts on Sundry Summer Woes

Tulane general internist Jeffrey Wiese reminds us that summer heat can strike with little warning. Children, the elderly, overweight persons and people on certain medications need to take extra precautions because they are especially vulnerable to the effects of heat.

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