Yoga :: WHO will recognise utility of yoga soon – Ramdev

Yoga guru Ramdev, whose claim that yoga could treat cancer and AIDS has triggered a countrywide controversy, today claimed that the World Health Organisation (WHO) would recognise the utility of yoga ‘very soon’.

“Yoga has already become the talking point in the U nion health ministry, now it will also echo in the WHO,” Ramdev said at a yoga science camp here.

Recalling the reported assertions made by medical science that diseases like blood pressure and diabetes are incurable, he said a time would come when all diseases would be cured only through yoga and yoga would become part of the curriculum in medical science as well.

Coming down heavily on MNCs, Ramdev said every Indian should stop using their products and opt for ‘swadeshi’ (indigenous) goods so that the Swadeshi attitude would be rekindled. “I am not against science and technology. But the technology pursued by the MNCs is aimed at eating into the business of small and indigenous industries causing largescale unemployment and affecting swadeshi companies,” he said.

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