Where Do I Vote – Election Day 2012 – November 6

Election Day 2012 is here, after what seems like an interminable campaign season. If you haven’t been able to take advantage of early voting and did not vote via absentee ballot, below you can find a tool to locate your polling place. Over 25 million Americans have already voted.

The Presidential Elections 2012 will be held tomorrow, November 6, and there are numerous websites to facilitate U.S. citizens to find their polling place and the time they’re open.

Google has a tool called “Google Politics & Elections” available here (www.google.com/elections/ed/us/vote) in which people can type an address and Google retrieves information about the voter’s polling place.

The nonpartisan website www.canivote.org also offers tools for registered voters to find their polling place. This website also provides a tool for voters to find out whether they are registered or not.

In most states, citizens must register before they can vote.

New York City Voter Info for November 6, 2012

If your neighborhood was swamped by Superstorm Sandy, it’s likely that your polling location really did change, in which case you should indeed verify (from your end) the new location. New Yorkers, text “NYCVOTES” or “DONDE” (Español) to 877-877.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is signing an executive order allowing registered voters to vote outside their districts if they’ve been displaced by Superstorm Sandy, though they’d not be able vote on district-specific items.

Voting Tips for 2012 Presidential Elections

– Register to vote
– Know polling place location & hours
– Voter identification (ID) requirements
– Polling place accessibility

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