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Vitamin D may protect against age-related DNA shortening in women, a known risk factor for heart attacks. Researchers hypothesized that sufficient vitamin D levels may alter aging of chromosomes, which could affect age-related diseases.

Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is prevalent, especially in elderly persons. Serum Vitamin D Levels and Leukocyte Telomere Length in Women presented by Dr. J. Brent Richards, Centre for Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College, London

The effects of Vitamin D insufficiency are well studied in women but not in African American males. This study suggests that in African American men, vitamin D insufficiency may contribute to lower hip bone mineral density. Vitamin D Insufficiency Is Associated with Lower Hip Bone Density in African American Men presented by Dr. Elena Barengolts, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit.

Menstrual disorders, low bone density and fractures are common in young women who exercise regularly or restrict their diets, resulting in low energy availability. Reproductive function in adolescents is dependent on energy availability. Although this need is greatly reduced in adults, low energy availability continues to impair bone formation in adults as it does in adolescents. Low Energy Availability Impairs Bone Formation Similarly in Older Adolescent and Young Adult Women presented by Dr. Anne Loucks, Ohio University, Athens, OH.

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